Courtenay KIA

Thanks to Courtenay KIA! They've loaned us this fabulous new tow vehicle to get our stage to Markets. It's a beautiful car to drive, and has made Market logistics so much easier. 

We love our trailer stage and so do our musicians, and without KIA's support we wouldn't be able to get it to our Markets each week.

Thanks so much to Chris and his team for the support.

If you're in the market for a new vehicle check them out: http://www.courtenaykia.com/

Market Tours Now Available!

Get to know what your community is growing!

Hannah Rail knows the Comox Valley Farmers' Market well. She and her husband Chef Aaron Rail from The White Whale, come with their wagon and load up for the restaurant every Saturday morning, year round.

Farmers’ Market Customers – Integral

It's Saturday morning. If you're an early bird, you get to the Farmers' Market when the bell rings and sales begin. If you're a late riser, you'll arrive in the second, third, or fourth, wave of customers. Either way, you're delighted to shop in the open air. In a place that couldn't be anywhere else but the Comox Valley.