We heard you! You can't get here so early on Saturday mornings, so we've added an hour to the schedule to give you some breathing room.

Get the kids in the car and get down here for a taste of spring - we're back out at the exhibition grounds where there's space for the kids to run :-)

See you at the market!

9-1:00 every week at the Exhibition Grounds on Headquarters Rd.

Food Fest April 2

Join us for another fabulous Food Fest with the North Vancouver Island Chefs Association! This week they'll be starting with the following ingredients from our vendors:

Hot Chocolate - Ivan's Chocolates

Turkey Drunstick - Victorian Acres Farm

Pork Jowl - Cottage Farm

Ground Turkey - Stonecroft Farm

Cranberries - Beaver Meadows Farm

Eggplant - Fiesta Greenhouses

Fresh herbs - Bates Beach Farm

Honey - Big D's Honey

Popcorn - Birds and the Beans Farm

Gluten-free baguettes from Heidi's Gluten Free