Lavender body care products; soaps, lotions, balms

Aromatherapy products Teas, culinary lavender

Lost Savanna Farm is a Certified Organic & Biodynamic farm offering a variety of pasture raised meat, eggs and seasonal produce. Their passion is growing and producing the highest quality nourishing food & body care products possible. Lost Savanna Farm recognizes the need for soil building regenerative agriculture, where the farm functions as a diverse whole. Farm products include 100% grassfed lamb, organic pasture raised eggs and chicken (whole and pieces) and seasonal pasture/garden raised pork. 

The farm also has a Soap Company that is dedicated to creating toxin free bodycare products based on traditional practices found throughout the world. Crafted with ingredients that have been used and trusted for hundreds (if not thousands!) of years by our ancestors such as activated charcoal, clays, coconut oil, tallow and organic herbs. Lost Savanna Soap Co. products are safe, simple and effective.

Learn more at www.lostsavannafarm.com

Products: Chicken, Eggs, lamb, Pork, soap, tooth powder, deodorant, organic

We are a certified Craft Distillery creating all of our spirits from 100% BC Honey, located in the heart of the Comox Valley. Our flagship spirits are Unruly Vodka and Unruly Gin, and we make a range of seasonally changing, small batch vodka and gin infusions using as many ingredients as we can from the local farms and producers. You'll find us at the market every Saturday, or visit us at our tasting room, open 12pm - 6pm everyday!


Products: distilled spirits, gin, vodka

Homestyle, fresh baked fruit pies, tarts, and cakes

Products: Pie

Just Be Bath Essentials is a locally owned and operated small home based business founded in the beautiful Comox Valley. Our handmade bath bombs will add a fizzy pop to your tub time and our handmade body lotion bars will be sure to please your skin. Raw materials combined with the sweet essence of essential oils will help clear the mind and nurture your body. We pride ourselves on creating each of our chemical free products with equal parts love and natural ingredients.

Please come like and follow us on Facebook @ Just Be Bath Essentials for product information, updates and to place future orders.

Products: bath bombs

Jacinda and David are beginning farmers growing seasonal vegetables and herbs in a sustainable manner. With roots in the Comox Valley and Brittany, France, they bring a French touch to their Courtenay-grown produce. Jacinda et David sont des maraichers débutants cultivant des herbes et légumes de saison dans une manière durable. Avec des origines dans la Vallée de Comox et en Bretagne, France, ils apportent une touche française aux produits cultivés à Courtenay.



Products: Salad greens, Spinach, Scallions, Shallots, Onions, carrots, Leeks, Beets, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, Squash, Radishes, herbs

Rad Valley Farm offers a wide variety of certified organic vegetables that are both super awesome and very tasty.

Products: vegetables, organic

At Mexi Pops and Hornby Island Energy Bars we believe that to create a gourmet, great tasting products, it all starts with using the highest quality ingredients! We source as much as we can local, organic and fairtrade and believe our products end up being that much more delicious and nutritious!

Products: Yogurt Pops, Organic Fruit Pops, Hornby Island Energy Bars


We grow approximately 3000 dahlias each year. We sell cut flowers (including dahlias, anemones, ranunculus,sweet peas and many more) and dahlia tubers at the Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday Markets.

We have an annual open garden event which will be Sept 2nd and 3rd 2017. 


Warwick Dahlias aka Backyard Bloomers

Written by Traci Skuce for the Comox Valley Farmers' Market Association

It's hard not to love a bouquet of flowers. Now imagine the fields devoted to that bouquet. In the Comox Valley we're lucky to have an entire farm dedicated to beauty and colour. Warwick Dahlias—a two acre dahlia farm in Black Creek. Throughout the summer and fall, thousands of dahlias are harvested in the cool of the morning, placed in water, and left so stems can siphon up the water before they're arranged into bouquets to sell to you at the market.

            The farm is run by Sherry Jessee. Since the inception of the Comox Valley Farmers' Market in 1995, she's been a vendor of a variety of farm-based products, such as starter plants, ice-cream and baked goods. The switch-over to dahlias began as a misadventure at a garage sale. On a search for gladiola bulbs, Sherry found a handful of dahlia tubers. Excited, she bought and planted them. That summer they bloomed a disappointing red and yellow.

            Still, something about the flowers intrigued her, and the following year, she found a website for Ferncliff Gardens, dahlia specialists in Mission. She went ahead and purchased twenty properly named and classified dahlias. Each variety was a different colour and shape—pure eye-candy. In 1995 she started selling bouquets at the market. 

            Thanks to support from their loyal Farmers' Market customer base, now, twenty-two years later, the business has flourished. Sherry says that couldn't have happened without the help of her sister, Jeanine Richardson, and their partner Linda Stewart. All three work very hard to insure that their products are diverse and of exceptional quality. Over the years they've developed their own dahlia hybrids, including WD Nana, a purple dahlia with darker purple on the backside of the petals, named after Sherry's grandmother. “She's the one I inherited my love of flowers from,” Sherry says.

            This past year, Warwick Dahlias became Backyard Bloomers. Sherry says, “The name change was needed as we now offer spring bouquets of Anemones, Ranunculus, Peonies and other spring flowers. We wanted our customers to know that we grow more than just dahlias".

            And though they offer flowers for large and small occasions, the focus of Warwick Dahlias, aka Backyard Bloomers, is really the farming. As Sherry says, “We just like to grow things.”

            Sherry, Jeanine and Linda would like to invite everyone to come out to the farm for their annual open Garden September 2nd and 3rd, 1672 Constitution Road Black Creek. For more info visit them at the Farmers’ Market, follow them on Facebook and be sure to look for their soon to be completed web page.

Products: Dahlia tubers, cut flowers, bouquets

Ethically Raised Beef including 4-H Raised and non GMO

Products: Beef roasts, steaks, stew meat, ground beef, short ribs, sausage, organ meats, liver, kidney, tongue, heart, oxtail, bones

Everything needed for Mason BeeKeeping , produced in the Comox Valley, spring season, and around Christmas time.

Products: mason bees, bee houses

We are a family run farm offering a full variety of in-season vegetables. From the greenhouse we have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and basil by the lb. which are grown in our soil. No hydroponics here. Our produce is grown organically using environmentally friendly methods.

Products: vegetables, Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, chard, kale

Vancouver Island Mushroom Adventures is a local business that offers wild edible gourmet mushrooms as well as Mushroom Identification and Cultivation courses/workshops and Eco Tours

Products: mushrooms, Chanterelle mushrooms, Pine Mushrooms, Morel Mushrooms, Lobster Mushrooms

In the heart of the Comox Valley, on a slope facing the Georgia Strait, 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery crafts wines distinctly shaped by a windswept, sun-soaked microclimate. Named for the gale force winds that often strike the coast, 40 Knots embraces its unique microclimate, adorning its label with swallows that frequent the vineyard and depict home to a sailor. With wines like Whitecaps, Sea Haven, and Spindrift, the connection to the wind and sea is undeniable.

Products: wine

‘As you like it’  is one of Comox Valley’s finest caterers of gourmet foods and food products.  The Shakespearian play - ‘As you like it’ states “Can one desire too much of a good thing?”  ‘'I believe you cannot”says owner, Laura Agnew, a red seal qualified chef of 30 years. Her goal is to supply the local region with gourmet food and food products for people who enjoy the art of eating quality, locally grown food. Her products are made with as much locally grown ingredients as possible, much of which is grown on her four acre farm in Union Bay.  Whether you cook at home and use her delicious products, or are interested in  booking a private or business orientated event , it will be prepared ‘As they like it’.   

Also known as Hazel's Creek Farm, operated by Chef Laura Agnew and her family in Union Bay on their 4 acre property. They use as much from their property as possible for her catering business, and value added products and the rest is sold at the Market.

Growing apples, greens, herbs garlic, duck, eggs, flowers and veggies and turning them into an amazing compliment of sauces and soups, chutneys, organic curds, vinegars, mincemeat, jellies, marmalade, pesto and divine salad dressings.

Products: apples, greens, herbs, garlic, duck, Eggs, flowers, veggies, sauces, soups, chutneys, organic curds, vinegars, mincemeat, jellies, marmalade, pesto, salad dressings.

Foods of all sorts, high value nutritional items from the farm and forests. Luscious salad mixes. Only the most beautiful leaves.

Products: Salad, leafy greens, root veggies, tomatos, pickling Cukes, melons, cabbage, brocolli.

Gunner Pedersen has been selling his veggies at the market for many years - long enough to see the maple tree he planted behind his vending stall grow into a beautiful tree. He grows a wide variety of veggies and fruit and despite being in his 70's brings it to market each week to share with you.


Products: rhubarb bedding plants hanging baskets tomatoes cucumbers pickling cukes dill weed potatoes apples berries variety zuchinni beets onions sunchokes/artichokes carrots cabbage brocolli kale corn beans peas basil parsely


Hello my name is Daniel Ludwig and I am a beekeeper in the Comox Valley. I have been beekeeping here for 15 years now and have been attending the Comox Valley Farmers market for 9 years now. I sell all local honey from our area and also beeswax and Candles.

I also grow many other fruits and veggies on our family farm with my brother. Be sure to keep checking in to see whats new at the market.

For more information about Big D’s Bees Honey please visit www.bigdsbees.com. For a list of where you can purchase the honey check out the website and join the Facebook page for updates, videos and exciting news about Honey Bees and new varieties of honey that’ll be available. 

Products: honey, beeswax, candles, corn, Squash, pumpkins, berries

Pirates’ Pond Farm is small family run farm located in the Comox Valley.  We started our farming adventure in 2012 when we purchased an acreage in hopes of growing enough food to feed our family.  In the spring of 2013 we acquired our first rooster and have continued to expand ever sense.  Although we do not come from a farming background we have realized over the last few years that factors such as global warming, genetically modified organisms, and the use of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals are having a significant effect on food security, the environment, and the overall well being of people and animals.  As food is an important part of our existence we need to do what we can now to ensure the future health of our family.  We started out growing meat and produce for ourselves but soon concluded that we had the means to provide nutritious, conscientious food for others as well. 

In 2013 we began experimenting with rabbits and we have enjoyed raising them for meat ever since.  We refer to the practice as "Rabbit Ranching" and although our methods are not conventional, our rabbits are treated in a humane manner that we believe more closely resembles their natural environment.  They are tended to regularly by our junior farm hands who make sure they receive frequent doses of love and affection. The rabbits are not medicated and are hormone free.  

For more information about our farm please visit www.piratespond.weebly.com

Products: vegetables, rabbit meat, Eggs