We grow approximately 3000 dahlias each year. We sell cut flowers (including dahlias, anemones, ranunculus,sweet peas and many more) and dahlia tubers at the Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday Markets.

We have an annual open garden event which will be Sept 2nd and 3rd 2017. 


Warwick Dahlias aka Backyard Bloomers

Written by Traci Skuce for the Comox Valley Farmers' Market Association

It's hard not to love a bouquet of flowers. Now imagine the fields devoted to that bouquet. In the Comox Valley we're lucky to have an entire farm dedicated to beauty and colour. Warwick Dahlias—a two acre dahlia farm in Black Creek. Throughout the summer and fall, thousands of dahlias are harvested in the cool of the morning, placed in water, and left so stems can siphon up the water before they're arranged into bouquets to sell to you at the market.

            The farm is run by Sherry Jessee. Since the inception of the Comox Valley Farmers' Market in 1995, she's been a vendor of a variety of farm-based products, such as starter plants, ice-cream and baked goods. The switch-over to dahlias began as a misadventure at a garage sale. On a search for gladiola bulbs, Sherry found a handful of dahlia tubers. Excited, she bought and planted them. That summer they bloomed a disappointing red and yellow.

            Still, something about the flowers intrigued her, and the following year, she found a website for Ferncliff Gardens, dahlia specialists in Mission. She went ahead and purchased twenty properly named and classified dahlias. Each variety was a different colour and shape—pure eye-candy. In 1995 she started selling bouquets at the market. 

            Thanks to support from their loyal Farmers' Market customer base, now, twenty-two years later, the business has flourished. Sherry says that couldn't have happened without the help of her sister, Jeanine Richardson, and their partner Linda Stewart. All three work very hard to insure that their products are diverse and of exceptional quality. Over the years they've developed their own dahlia hybrids, including WD Nana, a purple dahlia with darker purple on the backside of the petals, named after Sherry's grandmother. “She's the one I inherited my love of flowers from,” Sherry says.

            This past year, Warwick Dahlias became Backyard Bloomers. Sherry says, “The name change was needed as we now offer spring bouquets of Anemones, Ranunculus, Peonies and other spring flowers. We wanted our customers to know that we grow more than just dahlias".

            And though they offer flowers for large and small occasions, the focus of Warwick Dahlias, aka Backyard Bloomers, is really the farming. As Sherry says, “We just like to grow things.”

            Sherry, Jeanine and Linda would like to invite everyone to come out to the farm for their annual open Garden September 2nd and 3rd, 1672 Constitution Road Black Creek. For more info visit them at the Farmers’ Market, follow them on Facebook and be sure to look for their soon to be completed web page.

Products: Dahlia tubers, cut flowers, bouquets

Ethically Raised Beef including 4-H Raised and non GMO

Products: Beef roasts, steaks, stew meat, ground beef, short ribs, sausage, organ meats, liver, kidney, tongue, heart, oxtail, bones

Everything needed for Mason BeeKeeping , produced in the Comox Valley, spring season, and around Christmas time.

Products: mason bees, bee houses

Vancouver Island Mushroom Adventures is a local business that offers wild edible gourmet mushrooms as well as Mushroom Identification and Cultivation courses/workshops and Eco Tours

Products: mushrooms, Chanterelle mushrooms, Pine Mushrooms, Morel Mushrooms, Lobster Mushrooms

‘As you like it’  is one of Comox Valley’s finest caterers of gourmet foods and food products.  The Shakespearian play - ‘As you like it’ states “Can one desire too much of a good thing?”  ‘'I believe you cannot”says owner, Laura Agnew, a red seal qualified chef of 30 years. Her goal is to supply the local region with gourmet food and food products for people who enjoy the art of eating quality, locally grown food. Her products are made with as much locally grown ingredients as possible, much of which is grown on her four acre farm in Union Bay.  Whether you cook at home and use her delicious products, or are interested in  booking a private or business orientated event , it will be prepared ‘As they like it’.   

Also known as Hazel's Creek Farm, operated by Chef Laura Agnew and her family in Union Bay on their 4 acre property. They use as much from their property as possible for her catering business, and value added products and the rest is sold at the Market.

Growing apples, greens, herbs garlic, duck, eggs, flowers and veggies and turning them into an amazing compliment of sauces and soups, chutneys, organic curds, vinegars, mincemeat, jellies, marmalade, pesto and divine salad dressings.

Products: apples, greens, herbs, garlic, duck, Eggs, flowers, veggies, sauces, soups, chutneys, organic curds, vinegars, mincemeat, jellies, marmalade, pesto, salad dressings.

Gunner Pedersen has been selling his veggies at the market for many years - long enough to see the maple tree he planted behind his vending stall grow into a beautiful tree. He grows a wide variety of veggies and fruit and despite being in his 70's brings it to market each week to share with you.


Products: rhubarb bedding plants hanging baskets tomatoes cucumbers pickling cukes dill weed potatoes apples berries variety zuchinni beets onions sunchokes/artichokes carrots cabbage brocolli kale corn beans peas basil parsely


Hello my name is Daniel Ludwig and I am a beekeeper in the Comox Valley. I have been beekeeping here for 15 years now and have been attending the Comox Valley Farmers market for 9 years now. I sell all local honey from our area and also beeswax and Candles.

I also grow many other fruits and veggies on our family farm with my brother. Be sure to keep checking in to see whats new at the market.

For more information about Big D’s Bees Honey please visit www.bigdsbees.com. For a list of where you can purchase the honey check out the website and join the Facebook page for updates, videos and exciting news about Honey Bees and new varieties of honey that’ll be available. 

Products: honey, beeswax, candles, corn, Squash, pumpkins, berries

Ivan's Truffles are locally handrafted in Comox, BC. Ivan sources only the highest quality chocolate and locally sourced, natural, and GMO - free ingredients. For additional information and for nutritional information please visit http://www.ivanstruffles.com

Products: chocolate truffles


Javiers Latin Cuisine bring to the Comox Valley the latin flavor of home made food. Using the legacy of my mothers recipes.

I am bring to the public Tamales (chicken, Vegetarian). Empanadas (Chicken, Vegeterian). Arepas (Cheese corn cakes).

Everything gluten free with a lot of flavor. And to complement a delicious fresh salsa.

Javiers Latin Cuisine bring to the Comox Valley the latin flavor of home made food. Using the legacy of my mothers recipes. I am bring to the public Tamales (chicken, Vegetarian). Empanadas (Chicken, Vegeterian). Arepas (Cheese corn cakes). Everything gluten free with a lot of flavor. And to complement a delicious fresh salsa.


Products: empanada, arepa, tamale, hot food, ready to eat

Eggs from our happy Chickens

Beef, chicken and pork


Products: Beef, Eggs, Chicken, Pork

Hand blended loose leaf herbal and black and green teas

Products: tea

The industrious and intriguing honey bee is a constant source of inspiration for us. Many of the same flowers that bees collect nectar from can be used in herbal preparations to ensure health and wellbeing. We keep bees and grow herbs on our farm in Merville, B.C. We believe in sustainable land stewardship, access to local and naturally grown food and effective natural body care. Our Simply divine Body Care line has been a local favorite for over 10 years and is plant based, using ingredients grown on our farm. You can visit our stall every Saturday at the Farmer's Market and find our delicious honey, soothing and effective body care products, our sweet blueberries and a Certified Herbalist and Master Beekeeper ready to share knowledge and to serve you.

Follow us on Instagram: simplydivinehoney

Products: honey, salve, blueberries, beeswax candles

Royston Roasting Company is located in Royston by the Sea and fresh roasts Fair Trade Organic Arabica Coffee beans. 

Natural Pastures Cheese Co. produces a wide range of award winning artisan cheeses. From fresh cheeses such as cheese curds, fresh mozzarella and ricotta, or our brie and camembert to our wide array of aged firm cheese, we have a cheese you will love. www.naturalpastures.com


Products: Cheese, water buffalo cheese, butter, Beef

Healing Bliss Botanicals is locally, (Vancouver Island, BC), owned and operated by Dana Hook. Her Business is committed to providing herbal products that nurture our bodies, support the health of our pets and promote a clean, positive environmental impact. Inspiring people to heal themselves and the planet through the use of natural, herbal products and holistic practices, every product made at Healing Bliss Botanicals is 100% natural and chemical free.

The driving force behind Healing Bliss Botanicals is the desire to educate and promote healing. Dana loves to provide beautiful alternatives to chemically laden products and to encourage sustainability and environmental responsibility. Dana is a Certified Herbal Consultant and Practitioner and a Level III Reiki Master. Her background studies in Herbology, Herbal Clinical Practice, Ayurvedic medicine, and Bach Flower RemediesTM make her an innate healer, resonating positive energy into everything she does.

The business concept was developed over the past 15 years. Dana created remedies for everyday problems, to assist her friends, family and pets through their healing. It was spreading this overwhelming joy and positivity that convinced Dana to share her Earth treats with the world. Thus Healing Bliss Botanicals was born.

Products: herbal, body, salves, deodorant, sunblock, face and body lotion, pet products

We make our grain-free pet treats by hand, in small batches using all natural ingredients. This year we've added bone broth for your pet!

 Dogs (and cats) just love our treats!

Products: pet treats, bone broth

Makers of organic corn tortilla, chips and salsas. All our Tortillas and Chips and salsas are hand made without preservatices and gluten gree. Visit us on facebook to see some of the things being done with our products or at: www.abueloscorntortillas.com

Products: corn tortillas, chips, salsas, refried beans


Our bakery produces everything from scratch.

Your croissants are baked with 48 layers of 100% buttery goodness and available in plain, sweet or savory. We strive to bring you our best and only serve freshly baked.

Our products are available Year 'round at the market and special orders for any day can be accommodated with a week ahead phone call 250-337-4004.


Thank you for supporting local!

Products: Cinnamon buns, croissants, danish, bread, granola, scones, brownies, peanut butter bars, Pies, eatmore bars, farmer sausage, muffins

We are an exclusively gluten free bakery with most products being dairy and soy free as well. Cakes, treats, breads - so good you won't know or care that it's gluten free.